A 12 weeks challenge designed to make stronger, feel healthier, and energised while losing body fat

Do you feel that

" I created this 12 weeks challenge, with structure training, yoga mindful flexibility and giving you the tools to create your own, unique nutrional plan to get you achieve the best shape of your life.
Lose 5-10 pounds of body fat in the first 4 following weeks.
Say goodbye to low energy and stress, say hello to more strength, happiness and health.


About me

“I’m Emmir. I am from Lima, Peru and I came to the UK with a mission to support others in their fitness journey.

I am a Weight loss Fitness Coach, Speaker, Ex-fitness model, and the founder of Mindset Fitness.

After overcoming eating disorders and body image confidence, I am passionate about supporting others to have a better relationship with food and exercise.

Nowadays I dedicate my life to the world, sharing my experience as much as I can. I do not try to preach, propagate or try to convert anyone to fitness. I just know that fitness saved my life when I was on the wrong path and now, I can focus on making a contribution and being in service for anyone who asks for it.

See you soon! “

Clients results

Training 2 times a week made me lose belly fat
I tried everything but now I got the results

This Challenge will include:

Personal training

I will deliver personal training sessions
that are specially designed for fat loss and tone-up. I will support you and guide you in every session

Monthly Body Composition

To make sure that you are making progress, we will track and show you a better way to see your results rather than just the weight scale

Flexibility Mindful Exercises

Taking inspiration from restorative yoga, we’ve created quick mobility sets to accompany every workout

Weekly Recipes

Every Sunday you will find a delicious recipe to make

Individual Nutritional Plan

I will guide you to optimize your food and give the fundaments of nutrition so we can start building a unique nutritional lifestyle based on your preferences

Daily & Weekly fitness support

You’re never alone when you’re part of the mindset fitness family. You will have access to my WhatsApp number and also to a WhatsApp group, and also weekly action fitness planning

After this challenge, you will be able to do it on your own “Fitness independent”

Clients results

You don't need to wait for the perfect time to magically align with a fitness class or a personal trainer.
Get started today!— we promise you'll like it, or we will give you your money back.
I got a flat belly without diets
Feelings stronger than when I was 20 years old






Personal training

Individual Nutritional Plan ​

Weekly Recipes ​

Flexibility Mindful Exercises ​

Daily & Weekly Fitness Support​

Most frequent questions and answers​

In the first four weeks you will lose 5-10 pounds of body fat and level up your fitness levels.

A good workout week doesn’t necessarily mean training every day.
Three to four gym or home workouts each week is enough if you work as efficient as you can in each session.
However, when it comes to being active you should aim to move as much as you can every day – whether that’s with brisk walking, jogging, swimming, gardening or putting your all into the housework!

This depends on your fitness levels, usually should last between 45 mins to 1hr and 15 minutes with Warm up and cool down included it.

Training, Nutrition and Fitness coaching will be delivered based on your lifestyle, preferences, fitness experience, time, and unique goals that you want to achieve.

You will see me once a week to asses and improve technique, fitness conditioning , review and plan the next week ahead, also based on how many times you will workout around the week, you will received a training plan and guidelines to follow.

Yes, you just need to contact us and we cancel it straight away with no questions at all.

If you have been following our fitness plan and guidelines in and out the gym and you do not make any progress, you will received your money back, straight away.

Pilar Santelices
Pilar Santelices
I’ve had different coaches and personal trainers across many countries and I can say that Emmir is one of the best I’ve known. His energy, professionalism and enthusiasm are amazing. He really pushes you an gets the best out of you.
Cindy Ramirez
Cindy Ramirez
estoy muy feliz de conocer a Emir es un gran entrenador y una maravillosa persona su dedicacion por su trabajo me hace sentir mucha confianza en mi misma estoy aprendiedo mucho sobre nutricion y el deporte es una persona que recomiendo hace un gran trabajo te motiva te asesora y ante cualquier duda se la puedes comentar para mi es un gran entrenador y gran amigo
Michelle Villamarin
Michelle Villamarin
I have been training with Emir for almost 2 months now and I can definitely see results both physically and mentally. Emir is such a great person, he really does care about helping you meet your goals and he puts all his effort into making it happen! He has made me fall in love in fitness even more, as he has transmitted his passion for fitness through every his training.
Pablo Santos
Pablo Santos
This guy is a machine. He pushes you and helps you to achieve your fitness goals. I lost 8 kgs after 2 months training with me and following his tips for nutrition.
agnes lachevre
agnes lachevre
Less Pain More Gains - Highly recommend, very structured and practical book for quick results and long lasting healthy living! Have had the chance to work with Emmir Moran as my fitness and nutrition coach. Emmir is very knowledgeable and can defo took me to my next level!
Prisca Marchal
Prisca Marchal
I followed Emmir's program during Lockdown. His high energy, enthusiasm and consent positive and upbeat session made my week. 💪
Viomercy Mago
Viomercy Mago
I have taken one of the workout challenges with The Mindset Fitness and it was amazing. Love the vibes! And Emmir is so good at keeping everyone motivated. What makes The mindset Fitness special is that you’ll get the knowledge, care and motivational quotes from Emmir. I highly recommend to join The Mindset Fitness.
Fernando Melero Fernández
Fernando Melero Fernández
Fantastic service, awesome personality, deep and useful knowledge, flexibility to adapt to everyone's situation. Having Emmir as a PT and fitness coach has not only transformed my body but also my diet and even some aspects of my attitude towards life. It has definitely improved me and I can now say that I am a much better version of me. Excellent!
Scott Bateman
Scott Bateman
I have recently begun the mindset journey with Emmir. I love his energetic, inclusive and fun approach. The fitness sessions are great and fit in with my busy lifestyle. But i have learned from the service its far more than just fitness, and its nice to have someone encouraging and motivating you to do better in other areas of your life. Thank you Emmir and Mindset Fitness.
Luana Bossetti
Luana Bossetti
I love working with Emmir because he is such a professional and fun coach. He really helps me with his passion and knowledge. Moreover, I loved his book. I highly suggest it for all the people that are tired of going on a diet, starting a new workout plan and not being able to stick to it. This book is key to help you start an healthy and sustainable lifestyle with less pain and more gain. I just love it!