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" Are you ready to achieve your fitness goals?
My mission and passion in this world is to help you and guide you on your fitness journey, I will give you the right nutrition and exercises that will be efficiently and effective based on your needs, remember if you have the right person next to you, it is simple and easy to follow, you are a powerful human being and I am here waiting for you to start your fitness journey"

This is me

I’m Emmir. I am a Weight loss Fitness Coach, Speaker, and Ex-fitness model providing Personal training in Bristol, UK.

After overcoming eating disorders and body image confidence, I am passionate about supporting others to have a better relationship with food and exercise.

Nowadays I dedicate my life to the world, sharing my experience as much as I can. I do not try to preach, propagate or try to convert anyone to fitness. I just know that fitness saved my life when I was on the wrong path and now, I can focus on making a contribution and being in service for anyone who asks for it.

See you soon! “

How can I help you?

Intensive Gains Personal training sessions:

I will take you to an exclusive and efficient fitness journey expirience with me,
where I will teach you how to train and do the exercises properly, push and motivated you to go beyond your limits.

You will master your fitness journey and become a fitness independent where you will know the foundations of your fitness.


Are you ready to transform your body?

Clients results

I tried everything but now I got the results

Training 2 times a week made me lose belly fat

Feeling stronger than when I was 20 years old

I got a flat belly without diets

Why train with me?

Fitness help me to deal with anger, pain, loneliness help me to be away from gangs, alcohol, emotional eating and meaningless life.

Fitness always give a sense of belonging where I am part of a community where
I feel important and valuable but it was on a stage of my fitness journey that I
was confuse with so much information that I end up having emotional eating disorders and not having a really good relationship with exercise and because of it I decided to
work on myself and study to become a fitness professional.

Nowdays I help people build a better relationship with nutrition and fitness where they become stronger, healthier, and energised.


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